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Request a new bin and check bin entitlement

Find out how to request a new bin and how much it costs. 

Charges for replacement and additional bins

Charges for replacement or additional bins cover the cost of administration and delivery of the new bin only.

The bin charges are:

  • £20 for each replacement or additional general waste or recycle bin, regardless of size
  • FREE for a replacement kitchen or street caddy

However, you don't need to pay for a new bin if:

  • You want a standard sized recycling bin as you currently have a smaller one.
  • You're requesting a smaller bin.
  • You've moved into a new build property - the developer is responsible for buying the bins unless it's a Gleeson Homes property. The new owner needs to buy the bins for Gleeson properties. If you've moved into a property which isn't a new build, you or your landlord will need to pay for any missing bins.
  • Your bin was stolen or vandalised. To support this, you'll need to provide evidence or discuss this with us.
  • Your bin was damaged by the collection crew.
  • You receive assisted bin collections.

Request a replacement or additional bin or caddy

Follow this process if you want to request new or additional bins for your home or if you’re a developer who needs to order a new suite of bins for a new build property.

All bins remain the property of Rochdale Borough Council.

  1. Ring us to request a new or additional bin or caddy.
  2. If you're requesting an additional refuse bin, we'll visit you to complete an assessment to see if you're eligible. You may still need to pay for this.
  3. If you need to pay for a bin, please have your credit or debit card available to pay the charge over the phone.
  4. We aim to deliver the bin or complete the assessment within 14-21 days of you making the request. If you've a damaged bin, we'll take this away when we deliver the new one.
Ring 0300 303 8884 to request a replacement or additional bin or caddy

Why is there a charge for a replacement bin?

Requests for new bins are increasing with 17% of households in the borough requesting a new one every year. We spend in total around £285,000 a year on new bins. As bins should last over 20 years, we believe this money could be better spent on other council services.

Your Council Tax goes towards the cost of waste collection and disposal but unfortunately not towards the container it's collected from.

Appeal against a charge for a new bin

If you've been charged for a replacement bin or you feel you have a strong case that the charge should be waived, you can appeal against it. However, unwillingness to pay or believing the policy is wrong will not be grounds for you to receive a free bin. 

  1. You can make an appeal either by:
  2. In your appeal you need to quote your address, phone number, state it's a 'bin charges appeal', and include details of why you feel you should qualify for a free bin.
  3. We'll look into your appeal. To do this we'll see if there are any previous requests for bins at your property.
  4. We aim to make a decision and get back to you within 15 working days of receiving your appeal.
  5. If your appeal is successful, we'll either provide you with a new or clean used bin for free or refund you if you've already paid.

There are no further ways to appeal this decision.

How to take care of your bins

Taking care of bin means they should last for over 20 years.

You can reduce the chance of your bins going missing or getting damaged by:

  • Storing your bins in a secure place, for example in your garden or back yard
  • Putting your house number on all your bins
  • Leaving your bin out for the least time possible
  • Placing your bin as close as possible to the kerb on your collection day

Types of bins in Rochdale borough

In Rochdale borough, we've the following types and colour bins:

  • Rubbish bin for general waste - dark green
  • Recycle bin for cans, plastic and glass bottles - green bin with blue lid
  • Recycle bin for paper and cardboard - blue bin
  • Recycle bin for food and garden waste - brown bin
  • Food waste - brown street caddy
  • Kitchen food waste - silver kitchen caddy
The different types of bins

Your bin entitlement

The number of residents in your property will determine the size and number of the bins you're entitled to.

Number of residentsYour bin entitlement for each type of bin
1 to 5240 litre bin (standard size bin)
6 to 9240 litre bin (standard size bin) and 140 litre bin (small size bin)
10 or moreTwo 240 litre bins (standard size bin)

There are some exceptions.

  • Properties with larger families and sheltered accommodation are considered on an individual basis.
  • If you have additional requirements for medical waste, or a large number of small children, we will consider your request for an additional dark green general waste bin on an individual basis, for a fixed term, which we'll review regularly.


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