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Smoking ban

Smoking isn't allowed in any  enclosed workplace, public building or on public transport in the UK. Workers can be fined for smoking in the workplace.

The benefits

The Chief Medical Officer stated in his annual report that ‘clearing the air of second hand smoke in restaurants, bars, and other enclosed public places would protect the health of workers and customers in the environments. It would reduce the risks of an asthma attack in children and adults and lower the chances of triggering a heart attack in people with heart disease’.

By making workplaces and public places smoke free, they will be much healthier places for everyone.

Smoke free legislation – it’s a good thing

Smoke free is good for business:

  • A survey of 97 studies world wide found no negative impact on the takings of businesses who have gone smoke free.
  • Irish pub takings rising are not falling.
  • About 34 million working days were lost to British industry every year due to smoking related sick leave.
  • It is estimated that £1.1 million of working time was lost to Greater Manchester each year that is attributable to hospital treatment needed by smokers due to smoking.
  • Smoking cost the Greater Manchester economy nearly £630 million every year prior to going smoke free. 

Nationally, 75% of the population does not smoke.

A smokefree workplace:

  • Reduces tobacco consumption.
  • Encourages smokers to quit.
  • Helps ex-smokers stay stopped.
  • Encourages the young not to start and improves health.

Smokefree legislation enforcement

The Greater Manchester Public Protection Partnership has agreed and signed up to a common enforcement protocol in relation to the Smokefree legislation.  The protocol outlines a common approach and lays down the principles which will be followed in deciding upon and taking action.  The protocol is available at the link below.

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