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Reading Well Books on Prescription

Reading Well Books on Prescription logo. The Reading Well Books on Prescription schemes help you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using helpful reading. The schemes also aim to help relatives and carers of people living with the conditions covered.

Reading Well is delivered by The Reading Agency, in partnership with Libraries Connected, with funding from Arts Council England and the Wellcome Trust.

What books are available in the schemes?

Books are available to borrow for both adults and children on:

  • Mental health, such as anxiety, panic, OCD, eating disorders and grief.
  • Dementia, such as educational books, how to live well with dementia, picture books and support for relatives and carers of people with dementia.
  • Teenager and young people support, such as body image, bullying, self-harm, self-esteem, depression and mood swings.
  • Child mental health, such as worries, feelings and tough times to help children aged 7-11. There are also books to help you deal with specific conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism.
  • Long term conditions, such as sleep problems, pain management, arthritis, breathing difficulties, bowel conditions, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
View books on the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme

How can you get a book from a Books on Prescription scheme?

To borrow a book from any of the schemes, you can either be given a prescription from a health professional or adviser or you can choose a book for yourself.

If you're given a prescription from a health professional or adviser:

  1. Take your prescription to a member of staff at any Rochdale borough library. Find your local library
  2. You'll also need your library membership card to borrow the book. If you don't have one, you'll need to join the library
  3. You can then take your book home for a period of 3-6 weeks depending on your prescription. If no one else has reserved the book, you can renew it if you'd like to keep it longer. Renew a library book

If you choose a book for yourself:

  1. You'll need to be a member of Rochdale libraries to be able to borrow any books. Join the library
  2. View the books available on the scheme in the section above to find ones you'd like to read.
  3. Once you've found a book you'd like to borrow, follow the link below to search for it on the library catalogue. You can search for the book by title or author.
  4. Click on the title of the book you'd like to borrow from the search results. You can then select 'place reservation' at the top of the page to reserve the book and choose the library you'd like to pick it up from.
Search for and reserve a book from the Reading Well scheme

How can Reading Well Books on Prescription help you?

Studies show self-help reading can help you manage your health conditions.

Although books can sometimes work on their own, research has shown that self-help approaches work best when you also have support from a health professional.

You may also use the self-help books independently as a first step in seeking help.

89% of health practitioners agree the scheme helps people. 80% of readers feel more confident self-managing their symptoms.

Is Reading Well Books on Prescription a confidential service?

Yes. Library staff will treat you with respect and your details will be kept confidential. If you prefer, your parent, another family member or friend can pick up a book for you.

Copies of the books are held at every library if you would prefer to use a branch that is not your usual one.

87% reported it helped them understand more about dementia. 90% of young people would recommend their book.

How can you complete the activities in the books?

Some of the books have diary sheets, activity logs or quizzes for you to fill in. You can photocopy these pages at any library in the borough for a small charge. Please don't write in the books. Other people will want to use them after you.

​What if the book doesn't help you?

If you find that the book you're reading isn't helping, you should contact your GP or health professional for further advice.

Can I give feedback on the Reading Well Books on Prescription books?

Yes. We'd appreciate your views on any of the books in the schemes. Please ask a member of library staff for a confidential feedback form.


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