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Health Chats training

Find out what Health Chats are and how you can become a Healther Chatter.

What are Health Chats?

Health Chats are quick discussions aimed at helping people to lead healthier lifestyles. It may be about quitting the fags, fitting back into those favourite jeans, getting fitter so you can run around with your grandkids or even to catch the dog when it runs off!!

In the borough of Rochdale we have a growing number of Health Chatters who are trained to chat with you about your lifestyle and put you in touch with someone who can help you make a change – whether that be something small or something life-changing.

Our hope is that, through training as many Health Chatters as possible, we’ll have an army of these friendly chatters helping you, the public, to take action to improve your health and wellbeing and lead a healthier, happier and longer life.

How can I become a Health Chatter?

Maybe you’ll be tempted to train as a Health Chatter yourself when you see how it works in action, and you can then pass on your knowledge and experience to your family and friends.

Those trained as Health Chatters will work towards a recognised Level 2 qualification in Public Health (it’s certified by the Royal Society for Public Health and is GREAT for your CV), as well as learning about wider determinants of health and how to put that knowledge into action in the community.

So if you fancy giving it a go, get in touch by calling 01706 751190 or emailing – we’d love to hear from you.