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Website redesign and feedback

​​​​​​​On 27 January 2014 we launched this redesigned website. This replaces our previous site which had become dated. We've introduced a new look and feel as well as improved navigation which we hope will make it easier to find what you are looking for. 

We've worked really hard to try and make this site better for you, but we know that it isn't finished a​​nd will continue to make iterative changes.

Why we've changed the website

Here are just a few reasons why we've made changes:

  • We needed to align the look and feel of the website to the council identity, which is in the process of being updated.
  • The site was becoming outdated and was due a refresh.
  • Customers expect the website to be responsive to mobile devices.
  • Evidence suggests more and more people are engaging with our website using mobile devices i.e phone, iPad, tablets.
  • To make the website faster for customers by making popular content more prominent.
  • To improve the website and search engine results page by removing unnecessary pages from the website.
  • To give the website a 'cleaner' look to allow greater ease of use.
  • To make the website respond quicker by reducing the number of templates.
  • To encourage more customers to use and to choose to use the website.

Feedback we've received on the redesign

Here are a selection of comments we've received since going live:

"I see that your new website is now live – it looks very impressive!..."

"Hello. I am a screen reader user and have sampled the new website. It appears to be accessible to me ..."

"Just a quick email to say how impressive the new look council website looks – it looks and feels very modern, is super easy to find ‘things’ and is a massive improvement on what we had before. I’m sure our residents in the borough and the wider internet audience will use the website with confidence and ease. Well done to everyone who worked on this."

"Well done to you and the Rochdale team. Looking forward to seeing the website evolve."

"Congrats on getting the new site live, it looks great, and nice and responsive too! A fantastic achievement given your limited resources.
I'll suggest to the rest of the team at Socitm that they go and have a look as well. Well done :)"

"The new website looks great."

"Nice new web site..."

"Like it..."

"This is great overall..."

"It looks great..."

"Just had a look at the new website, it looks great, and  really easy to navigate..."

"I do like how interactive it is and, it is a big improvement on the previous website..."

"I had a quick look on the site to see how it is and I’m impressed. It is easy to use and it is quick to find the area of information that you may need. Great."

"I think the website appears better..."

"Looks ultra slick, Nice job, Good improvement."

"The new website is looking really good and seems from a quick play to be nice and easy to navigate..."

"Generally the new look is great..."​

... and here are a few comments from those that saw the website before it went live:

"It’s looking really great so far! Can’t wait to get it rolled out!

“I think the new look, looks much better than the existing.”

“Love the new look … much fresher and the icons at the top make it easier to find what I need.”

“Initial impressions …  this looks very good.“

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